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UPS sucks.....

Grrr..... Check out this little bit of holiday cheer from UPS....

Date Time Location Service Area Checkpoint Details

Dec 20, 2001   07:12:00 AM   EL PASO TX US   OUT FOR DELIVERY  
Dec 19, 2001   04:59:00 PM   EL PASO TX US   ARRIVAL SCAN  
Dec 19, 2001   03:35:00 AM   MESQUITE TX US   DEPARTURE SCAN  
Dec 18, 2001   07:57:08 PM   MESQUITE TX US   LOCATION SCAN  
Dec 18, 2001   07:19:00 PM   MESQUITE TX US   UNLOAD SCAN  
Dec 18, 2001   12:49:00 PM   MESQUITE TX US   ARRIVAL SCAN  
Dec 18, 2001   03:57:00 AM   OAKHAVEN HUB TN US   DEPARTURE SCAN  
Dec 18, 2001   01:42:00 AM   OAKHAVEN HUB TN US   ARRIVAL SCAN  
Dec 17, 2001   08:59:00 PM   WHITES CREEK HUB TN US   DEPARTURE SCAN  
Dec 17, 2001   06:29:00 PM   WHITES CREEK HUB TN US   ARRIVAL SCAN  
Dec 17, 2001   03:59:00 PM   KNOXVILLE TN US   DEPARTURE SCAN  
Dec 17, 2001   02:02:00 PM   KNOXVILLE TN US   ARRIVAL SCAN  
Dec 17, 2001   05:58:00 AM   STAUNTON VA US   DEPARTURE SCAN  
Dec 15, 2001   03:16:00 AM   STAUNTON VA US   ARRIVAL SCAN  
Dec 14, 2001   10:48:00 PM   BALTIMORE HUB MD US   DEPARTURE SCAN  
Dec 14, 2001   05:42:14 PM   BALTIMORE HUB MD US   ORIGIN SCAN  
Dec 14, 2001   05:05:19 AM   US   BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED  

Is it really that hard to keep track of things and make sure that someone doesn't drop an anvil or piano on the less robust ones? For that matter what the hell was my stuff doing in Staunton for 3 days? Sheesh.... we're not even at Pony Express levels at this point.

For the record, something that got shipped a day later via USPS just arrived, intact. Very disappointing (UPS that is). I've always thought that the USPS was pretty decent at getting things from point A to point B, but lately I'm starting to cringe when I find out something is shipping via UPS.


guess I shouldn't have been so irked about UPS being a couple of days late w/ my package earlier this week....hehe
yeah, no kidding, at least your pakcage didn't get eaten by the UPS monster :)
Pity we can't just beam up/down each item (Star Trek style). Would save a lot of time ;)
Then again, unless we had some assurance that UPS wouldn't be running the transporters, I don't know that I'd feel better :).

I'm thinking about UPS couriers and airport security screeners and I suddenly see why all the older Trek characters were somewhat wary of them new-fangled teleporter thingys :).
True....some teething problems might occur, such as packages arriving with the internal structure all mixed up....or mixed up with other packages ;)
Heh, I think my biggest worry would be having the transporter teething on me! :)

Then again another nifty gadget would be the replicator that they have. Instead of having to send me the DVD or book, I could either watch the copy stored on my computer, or I could replicate an actual book to read etc...

Ultimately it's one of those interesting media/information questions. Places like Amazon could almost do away with UPS is they just gave us the information we wanted online etc... This weekend, doing away with UPS seems like a rather good plan :)