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Winter cleaning....

After living in my current lair for nearly 2 years, I finally got around to re-organizing my kitchen. Not that it was a mess all this time, but it was somewhat dis-organized. When I set it up, shortly after moving in, things more or less just ended up in various cabinets and drawers so I had to do some amount of searching for them when I wanted them. Not everything was like this mind you, but the kitchen did need a serious re-shuffling which is almost done.

At this point I need to figure out how to put away the breakable stuff and maybe find a better way to stack some of the weird kitchen gadgets that my mom has given me over the years. With few exceptions, I somehow ended up with a mostly stocked kitchen comprised almost entirely of my mom's cast-offs. I ended up with the stuff that she had 3 or 4 versions of so she'd give me a decent one (or two) and before I knew it I have things like a fondu dish, and a coffee grinder (and I don't drink coffee). It's cool, but it'll be a lot nicer once I can find things by peeking into the correct cabinet.

On other news, I'm drying the roasts that I bought first thing yesterday morning. They're only going to get dried for about 48 hours, but I'm incorporating some of the suggestions from the online recipe in the hopes that they will turn out a little bit better (that's the geek in me trying to make things perfect). We'll see what happens tomorrow. I'm going to try to prepare an 8.5 lb and a 9.5 lb roast. I was hoping to stick with 1 roast, but when I counted out expected turnout I realized that we were looking at nearly 20 people (this family just keeps getting bigger and bigger :).

I also picked-up the mortar & pestle, an oven thermometer and a cheap roast thermometer (so I can check on both roasts). At this point I just have to wait for tomorrow to do the whole roast production, but that was really rather simple. I'm quite pleased that I'm actually ready for the big cooking extravaganza :).

So yeah, that's about it for now. Aside from that, I napped a bit (ok, a lot, depression sleep I think), and I watched the ninth gate (for some odd reason I keep wanting to see it randomly on Saturday afternoons). Oh, and I am not Mr. Sunshine today, so tread lightly. I've almost figured out what I'm going to say about why I really hate this time of year (even though I do things like making 20lbs of roast for my family). Anyways, I'm just rambling and I'm in a funky mood. Don't mind me.