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Two Random Stories...

Story #1

I was paying for food for s, her little sister, and myself. Little sister's order had come in after ours (we were doing take out). I had paid for our food already so I handed the cashier $20 for little sister's $12.98 bill. Then I look at the bills in my wallet and hand him another $3 dollars.

He looks confused.

s (who was in the car waiting) calls because she can't find her debit card and is worried about it. I try to calm her down about it while I talk cashier guy through the change situation.

He takes out a $5 bill and 2 $1 bills from the register. At which point I'm inclined to suck it up and deal with the $5 in ones, but he doesn't give me the money. Instead he asks me what I want to do with the $3 I handed him.

"Ummm... give me a $10 bill?"

"I can't do that, look it's $7 in change and the $3 you gave me"

*blank stare* "Yeeeeeah....."

"So I can't give you a $10 bill"

(at this point I'm wondering how I can extricate myself from this episode of the twilight zone without smacking the guy upside the head)

Now cashier guy fans out the $1 bills so you can clearly see there are 5 of them and the $5 bill...

"Yeah... that's $10"

"No it isn't"


Comprehension slowly begins to dawn on him.

Now it's his turn to stare at the money blankly.

For an agonizingly long while.


We continue to stand there looking at the money until he finally either finishes counting, or he gives up and decides to take my word for it. He grabs a $10 and hands it to me, sheepishly

I get back to the car, s finds her debit card and we both end up giggling about the agony of that particular change exchange (which was particularly amusing since she could tell I was struggling not to hit the guy with a clue stick the entire time).

Story #2

Not really much of a story, but on my way back to EP, I was driving along with the cruise control set to a little over 70 (which was the speed limit) jamming to Jimmy Cliff's version of Bad Boys (you know, the song from "Cops")....

Which of course means that this would be the perfect time for...

Yup, you guessed it. I got pulled over by a state trooper for speeding.

Fortunately he was in a good mood so he let me off with a warning, but still, I don't particularly like having my life's soundtrack be quite that spot on under those circumstances (although I'm glad I escaped the typical "Cops" experience)

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