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No NaNoWriMo

Well, I've been debating it for the last month or so, but I think I've decided to skip doing NNWM this year. I did really well last year, but I find myself without a feel on any good story to write (I have several ideas, but nothing that's thought out enough to write in a coherent sense yet) and I've been feeling a bit blah because I haven't polished up what I wrote last year (despite having plenty of ideas for improvements to it in the last year).

I guess I've just had so much on my mind lately that it's hard to pull my brain away and dedicate the necessary cycles to storytelling right now. I think what I may do is break out last years story (which I'm still quite happy with) and start plugging away at it a chapter at a time (or maybe even just a page or two at a time) until I'm happy enough with it to consider sharing it with folks.

I also think I should start finishing up some of my projects (both literary and non) before I start any more...

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