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I think my mind may be a little too far in the gutter... I read this little breaking news article from the El Paso Times and I didn't find myself thinking about organized crime:

Alleged gang members carrying toy guns were arrested Monday night in Juárez, Juárez police said.

Police said they found a 13-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy among a group of about 20 alleged gang members they arrested at Zaragoza Blvd. and Piña Street. The young boys had pellet guns.

"We only use them to scare off the ones from the other neighborhood who want to beat us up," the youngsters told police.

The minors and their parents received an oral warning and a lecture about the dangers of gang banging, police said.

Couldn't they just say something like "the dangers of getting mixed up with gangs"?

PS See, even Wikipedia is in the gutter :-p

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