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Voting Machine Solution...

I was talking to pfjunkie right now and I came upon the perfect solution for our voting problems of late.

Pay Las Vegas casinos a big wad of money to create a truly foolproof voting system using other casinos/groups to transparently verify that the system is legit. Then let the casinos take bets on who's going to win various elections.

Seriously. What other single group of people has more experience in making and administering cheat-resistant systems? Plus if you make the system transparent you wouldn't have any magic black boxes that could be set to do bad things (e.g. miscount votes) you'd only be using their expertise in foiling cheaters.


That seems like a lot of faith to place in organizations which don't necessarily have the best reputation.

Personally, I think it would be fun to see ATM machines do double-duty as voting machines. Banks are another financial-based organization subject to extensive scrutiny, and they have fewer ties in the public mind to organized crime...
See, that's why I just suggested letting them come up with the system (and perhaps refine it over time) implementing it and running it would still be up to a fully impartial group.

I doubt it would ever come about, but IMO that reputation could be a good way of making sure people really take a good hard look at what they came up with (which is ultimately the key to the design of any system, transparency and independent oversight, kind of like the NGC).

Now that I think about it, Diebold also makes ATMs and yet the electronic voting equipment that they came up with has horrible potential for abuse and tampering. Rather than assuming a broad conspiracy, I wouldn't be surprised if part of the reason their system is so poorly designed is because they had a reputation of making good ATMs for financial institutions so people assumed that they had to be able to make good voting machines without enough people/groups really studying how the system was going to work.

Not that banks aren't popular targets of criminals, but it seems to me that casinos (particularly those in Vegas) are highly atuned to not only preparing against known attacks, but also perceiving new attacks almost as quickly as they are deployed and I think that would make their input potentially quite useful.