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To the cowardly voters who approved anti-gay marriage ammendments in Idaho, Colorado, South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin this week,

Given a lot of the arrogant, anti-Mexico rhetoric that the recent immigration debates stirred up (much of it in those same states), I find it ironic that

Mexico City Approves Gay Civil Unions

and it didn't just squeak by, it passed by a vote of 43-17.

Even in a "third world" country like Mexico, decent people recognize that finding ways to make the world fairer to the people in it is better than finding ways to protect the narrow-minded, bigoted, ill-conceived, ignorant, mean-spirited, and just all around stupid prejudices that masquerade as opinions for so many people in this country.


I bet this has a lot of conservativos thinking "maybe...they send us their laborers and we can send them our gays"

A true conservative will use convicted criminals in prison to do our dirty/menial work once the inflow of illegal immigrants dries up. They'll also make illegal immigrants felons, and put them in prison as part of the war on terror. Then they'll start shuffling gay people off to re-education camps which will be setup right next to the sekrit prisons so that they can share the staff that they are using to torture question POWs evil terrorists to aquire all their useful information that's saved our collective behinds so many times (but they can't tell us where or when because that would be exactly what the terrorists want).

The more I look back on the past 6 years the more convinced I become that a whole bunch of conservatives out there are completely and utterly batshit insane.
The more I look back on the past 6 years the more convinced I become that a whole bunch of conservatives out there are completely and utterly batshit insane.

Thank you - this is the kind of outrage I was looking for that has been missing from too many celebratory posts of the last few days . .

But let's hear it for the folks in Arizona!
I applaud Arizona on that measure as well, but then they also went pretty conservative with other ballot measures:

Deny bail to illegal immigrants charged with serious felony. Approved

Make English the state's official language. Approved

Bar illegal immigrants from receiving punitive damages in lawsuits. Approved

Bar illegal immigrants from receiving certain government subsidies. Approved

oh and then they went totally California by hiking taxes on cigarettes and banning smoking in public areas. A measure to exempt bars failed.

bastards! :-P
I'll give them credit for not passing the ammendment and for not being as backwards as other places (several towns have passed ridiculously strict laws aimed at "illegal" immigrants but which are likely to affect a great many people of color whether they're here legally or not). Ultimately I hope that the opposition to gay marriages and restrictions on legal immigration eventually go the way of slavery.

Looking back on women's sufferage, and the civil rights movement it's heartening to remember that even those obvious wrongs were occasionally supported by the government (e.g. the Dred Scott case
Yeah Arizona's a trippy place politically. They approve what I'd call a "liberal" idea like raising the minimum wage and reject a ban on gay marriage.

Then jump to the other side of the political spectrum for the anti-illegal immigration measures which are generally seen as more "conservative."

...AND THEN the smoking bans. Oy. But at least they had the opportunity to vote on the measures....if you know what I'm getting at Hehe
Actually your recent post got me thinking about the whole situation and when I stumbled across that article I really had to say something about it.

I just don't understand why or how so many otherwise nice, interesting, intelligent people can harbor so much anger and hatred over something that really doesn't affect them in the slightest. I see my brother and his partner making a life for themselves, I hear about online and real life friends going through the highs and lows of life with their partners and (in some lucky instances) spouses and it boggles my mind how the prospect of two people making a lifetime commitment to one another can be seen as a Bad Thing (tm).

This is especially true in light of so many pop culture icons (*cough* Britney *cough*) treating love, marriage, and fidelity like seasonal accessories to be cast off when it's convenient...
when i first got to CA there was a "protect marriage" measure on the ballot... which passed, to my utter horror/surprise. that got me to sign right up to vote here. to this day-- i'm still surprised by how socially conservative CA can be.
It's still so unbelievable how close minded so many people can be!!

Love your icon by the way.