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A blah day...

Well today was amazingly un-productive.

I started the day off feeling a bit under the weather. Not quite sick, but I had a runny nose and I was starting to sneeze a lot (seemingly cold-induced sneezes). I had meant to get a lot done today but I ended up playing with my new phone (which is not working right and which I'll probably end up returning), then I felt a little more sick and ended up taking a couple of naps to get me through the afternoon.

As a preemptive measure, I downed a couple of sudafed and dragged myself to the grocery store for some OJ, I also picked up some ice cream because I was in that kind of mood (i.e. sit on the couch and have some comfort food). That took a lot out of me and I ended up passing out on the couch again for a while. Curiously I'm still not sure that I'm sick andI'm actually hoping I'm not, I have too much stuff to do to be sick.

So now I'm just hanging out here bored, kinda bummed and feeling generally blah for no particularly good reason.

Do I lead an exciting life, or what?

(don't answer that ;)

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