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Mountain bike gripe....

Stuff like this makes me wonder why I even bother being marginally associated with this group....

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Subject: Lost Keys
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Has anyone found these keys??

Like Scott said when someone asked for an identifying "description"..... they're shiny all over...one end of each one is rounded with a hole in it and the other ends are longer and straight with one edge being flat and the opposite edge having saw tooth-like markings along it that are used to unlock the lock when you stick it in. THEY'RE KEYS for crying out loud!! (Must've been a Texas Aggie asking for a description of a key).

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Subject: Lost Keys
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 16:40:40 -0700
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Hey Doc! Merry Christmas,

If you can post this message for my friend Todd, the Sate Trooper he lost his keys up near Little Moab, or G.I. Joe. Its a small key ring with several keys on it, his cell phone number is 203-4309. Someone ask me what they looked like yesterday and I told them they were shiney and looked like keys not too bright is he.

Ok, I was tempted to snipe back to el presidente mentioning that he has this habit of making comments cutting random people down for no reason. Personally, if I was careless enough to lose my keys mountain biking (instead of having them safely in a zipped up pocket), I'd try to be as polite as possible when trying to get them back and I'd be annoyed if people who were trying to help me made comments like that.

Not to mention that a description of someone's key ring could include any random key ring fob thing, # of keys, approximate size, type of keys (car, house) etc... If someone asks for a description, you give it to them regardless of how intelligent you think you are. This is probably a person who's thinking about keeping an eye out for those keys while they are out riding, right? If I got a response like that, I'd probably bury the keys if I happened to find them (or at least nudge them behind or under a rock, etc...).

*tangent*I think the holier than though attitude these folks tend to display is what's turning me off the the whole group mountain biking thing. You almost get the impression that they're not all the thrilled to have new people riding "their" trails. They constantly whine about trails being destroyed due to development, but they don't do anything about trying to grow the club into a bigger group with more clout. You see one problem we run into out here is that most of Texas is private property. At a guess, I'd say that 70-80% of the trails out there are on private property which can be developed at any moment. End of story.

Now if I was a developer who was planning on developing a big chunk of real estate, and I noticed that there were lots of nice mountain biking trails in the area and I knew that there was a fairly well organized group maintaining them, I'd probably suggest setting up trails in my subdivision and having the club maintain them. After all, when you develop large chunks of land, you often end up having to leave easements where the utilities get run (usually underground). It wouldn't be terribly difficult to leave those corridors as mountain bike trails (or even bike trails & walking paths). It would even be a selling point to the subdivision. Unfortunately what happens more often than not is that the mountain biking folks get pissy that someone is developing away their trails and they don't do anything productive, they just whine.

Always whining, and never suggesting solutions. I know I've whined about them a bit lately, but I think that's different in that I can't really tell them "Act like adults, quite making stupid comments like that and try to come up with something helpful"... ok, I could make that comment, but I doubt that it would go over all that well. No one likes being told that they're being childish (in a bad way) and they rarely tolerate hearing it from the new guy. I wish there was some way to make someone like Mr. president (a.k.a. doc) realize that he's got to be a little bit more diplomatic in how he relates to folks.....

Anyhow... back to beast roasting. Hope everyone is having a good holiday....


on a tangentially related note...where are good places to mountain bike around el paso? any websites you can point me to or anything? thanks!
There are a whole bunch of trails out at the end of Redd Road on the west side. Franklin Mountain State park has some nice well maintained trails. Arroyo Canyon near Kern Place/UTEP is good too. Basically you can find good trails anywhere near the mountain (the benefit of having a mountain in the middle of the city).

Unfortunately out in your neck of the woods there isn't much good riding since it's mostly sand there.

There's supposed to be a BMBA website somewhere but the last time I checked it out, it didn't have much there. Some of the bike shops on the west side have some nice maps of the area with the trails highlighted (I know the Bicycle Company on Mesa had some last time I was there).

I'm thinking about putting up a nice map with pictures attached to it so people can see what the trails are like, but I haven't been out much thanks to tweaking my knee a bunch of months ago and being lame about really working on getting it back up to full strength again.
Yeah everything around here is pretty much flat and sandy. Well, everything that hasn't already been converted into a strip mall or a Super-Mega-Ultra-Wal-Mart, that is. ;)

I'm just glad my trusty Trek 7000 survived my moving truck rollover. A little frame damage, needed some wheel truing and a new rear derailleur cable and housing, but fine otherwise--totally rideable. A shame I don't have anywhere to take it, or anybody to go with, though.

Oh, btw--this is my old journal. My new one was temporarily suspended for incredulous reasons.