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Hollow words...

Now, while I do think that MLK deserves a national monument and I'm happy to see it finally being built, I couldn't help but roll my eyes when I read this from our dear Dictator President Bush

"Honoring Dr. King's legacy requires more than building a monument. It requires the ongoing commitment of every American. So we will continue to work for the day when the dignity and humanity of every person is respected and the American promise is denied to no one."

Except of course if you happen to be gay. Gays can't have dignity, humanity, respect, or the American promise. Oh, and that goes for illegal immigrants too. Oh, and people we think might be terrorists or who come from countries that support terrorism (as per our definition)? They definitely ain't getting any, they're just lucky Bush hasn't figured out how to work (or say) nucUler weapons yet.

But other than those few, everyone... well except anyone else we decide to exclude from the list gets dignity, humanity, respect, and the American promise (which has now replaced the American dream which we have decided is not attainable by people who are in middle class and lower).

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