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The Nightmare Before Christmas....

...is going to be cleaning my kitchen. Eeeeewww....

The roast beast was very yummy and all the M clan was quite pleased and *gasp* people actually complimented me on how good it turned out. Actually I think my mom might have mentioned to them that I was a little bummed that no one had commented (at all) about the turkey I made last year. I was actually surprised that folks wanted to know what I was planning on making this year. Heh, leave it to me to accidentally start a new tradition that generates more work for me :). It's all good though. There were many oooohs and aaaahs and mmmmmms to go around this year so I felt cool.

That roast was delicierrific :). I did misjudge how much to make though. I ended up with roughly 2x as much as was needed to feed people tonight. So I'll probably take the other roast tomorrow so that people can finish it off. There's no way I'm eating 8lbs of roast on my own. Oy vey.

So - yeah, this year the Christmas Feast was actually fun. The main family (i.e. my folks and my brothers and sisters) sat around talking and kidding around etc... My nieces and nephews and brother's-in-law etc... would wander in for a bit and then wander out, but I had a good time. Sometimes my family is really cool. Sometimes 2,000 miles isn't far enough away.

Oh, and my mom managed to do one of the funnier things of the evening when she brought out A-1 steak sauce as everyone was serving themselve roast beast. From what I hear, the lock of shock and dismay on my face was priceless... at least it wasn't ketchup ;). It's cool though, my mom was totally clueless about it. She just assumed that since it was beef we would want to put something on it. Once my mouth started working again and everyone stopped laughing I explained that you don't put steak sauce on roast. Hrrrmppph!

That did remind me though, my mom can be really difficult at times, but she's also really cool because she's soooo out of touch with the world. Times like tonight, remind me that my mom was quite the oddball/rebel a short 50 years ago when she was a teenager. Ultimately she ended up doing the more traditional husband, kids, housewife thing, but I suspect that she's a big part of the reason that all my siblings and I are at least a little weird. She's the kind of mom that thought it was perfectly normal for me to want a biker jacket in middle school (and she even got me one when I outgrew my dad's spiffy leather sport coat that I used for a while ;). It's cool because in a lot of ways she still tends to evaluate things relative to her own internal ideas of good, bad, other.

For instance, she'll think it's very good that I spend time working on the cars and buying electronics (and even comic books) because that means that I'm spending my money on that and not on booze or drugs. It isn't always that clear cut (I've done my share of sketchy things), but I like the fact that her logic is her own. It's not that she's against drinking and drugs, it's that she would rather know that I'm not out in situations that could be dangerous. Seems reasonable. Granted she doesn't know everything I've ever done (and this is good), but it's nice that she can accept most of the stuff that I tell her about and I can tell her about most things.

Of course the 35 year age difference does lead to some significantly skewed views on things, but that's to be expected. If we don't talk about politics, religion, relationships, or things that my father knows "everything" about, my folks can often appreciate the nifty things I do (like computers or cars, or electronics etc...). They may not understand it all or understand my interest/obsessions, but they appreciate that it's cool and that means that we have a common ground (although on some days it seems like the only common ground we have is that we are pissed at each other).

My family is weird and dysfunctional, but at least they'll never be boring :).

Ummm... yeah. So just some ramblings for you to read this Christmas eve. I think I'm going to watch the movie of the same title as this entry now. I'm feeling good. I just wish some people were around to share nights like this with... not to mention someone to help me clean that kitchen ;).

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