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hulk smash!

And some people wonder why...

... so many people around the world hate the US.

For those who didn't watch Fahrenheit 9/11 (with the US soldiers giggling about a dead man's penis), check out the kind of goodwill some soldiers are fostering in Iraq:

Making kids run for water

That's the way to win the war on terror. Send stupid American kids with guns over into a PR nightmare without giving them any clue about how to be professional soldiers. I find it ironic that so many people go on and on about supporting and honoring the troops without asking that they do the same to the uniforms they wear.

What kind of human being makes kids scramble after them for fucking WATER?

And for the record, I don't particularly fault the soldiers in that video either. They're just kids themselves really. Unfortunately they're the kids who tied firecrackers to dogs and cats, and burned ants with magnifying glasses. The sad thing is that I know lots of people who could look at that video and laugh their asses off without stopping to think what it must have been like for those children running behind the truck desperate for a single bottle of water.


And for the record, I don't particularly fault the soldiers in that video either. They're just kids really, just like the kids who tie firecrackers to dogs and cats, and burn ants with magnifying glasses.
I do fault the soldiers in the video. And I do fault the kids who tire firecrackers to dogs and cats. I do not think the majority of the blame lies on the kids (I'm not sure about the soldiers... Aren't they 18 or older? Isn't that considered an adult in our society? Shouldn't they know better by now?). But, I do agree that it's important to remember the responsibility the system and each of us has for allowing this kind of thing to happen and continue.

I'm very much about avoiding pointing a finger at any single failure point with things like this. No one thing is wholly responsible for things like this happening.

It looks like the kids who were running for the water weren't even the people who got it in the end. I really hope those slightly-taller Iraqis are kinder than our soldiers.
I may not have worded that properly. I don't think the kids running behind the truck did anything wrong. When I referred to the soldiers as kids I was trying to make the point that these men and women are often just this side of being kids (e.g. enlisting right out of high school) and they often act like it. I don't think tormenting animals etc... is ok either, I was just trying illustrate one of thousands of ways in which the US is profoundly fucked up in how we approach the world around us.

Despite legal rulings to the contrary we (as a society) still tend to view things like hazings, binge drinking, sexual harassment, racism etc... as not a "big deal" without any sort of appreciation for what that says about how we interact with our fellow human beings. So really I don't blame the individual soldiers for being evil, they're just a sad representation of the Beavis & Butthead mentality that far too many people (young and old) have in our society today.
That is just disgusting... How can people even do that? Seriously. It made me sick to my stomach just watching it. Poor kids..