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Waiting for snow...

So, on Friday, the city ground to a halt because we were expecting a massive winter storm.

I made the executive decision that we would take the day off and not deal with driving out to a small job we're trying to finish up before our big job gears up because the small job was in the far far northeast and they were already getting snow and the road to the job is notorious for icing over at the drop of a hat. However that's all the snow that was to be seen in town and it stayed to warm for ice. My house saw a few flakes, and mostly just rained.

A far cry from 4-6 inches were were being threatened with. Saturday was a bit cloudy, but basically dry and today has been sunny and nice (albeit cool) with hardly a cloud in sight.

However, that storm we were expecting on Friday is apparently still coming this way, just very very very slowly.

Now it's projected to roll into town tonight and sit around most of the week.

I'll believe it when I see it (but I'm kind of hoping they're right ;)


I was going to laugh at 4-6inches = "massive storm".

Then I realized that's more snow than we've seen in Boston thus far this year. Total.

Global Warming is misleading, I think we should call it Global Weird-Shit Weather.
Well, keep in mind that the city does not own a single snowplow :-p

If we get more snow than we can actually melt using salt and chemicals the city is pretty much SOL. I think that's one of the reasons why I-10 got shutdown east of here last week. There just isn't any way of dealing with non-trivial snowfall this far south (and really there's hardly ever a need for it) so more than an inch or two and it's a big deal.

Yeah, I've spent a lot of time trying to explain to some people how global warming != warmer temperatures across the board. It still baffles me that so many people refuse to entertain the notion that maybe dumping thousands of tons of crap into the atmosphere might have a little something to do with changing the weather patterns that rely on the conditions of that same atmosphere (and that fucking up the weather might be a Bad Thing (tm)).

I dunno 'bout the city, but TxDot does have the ability to fit their trucks w/ snow plows. We saw a couple on Friday night like this one from a pic in the newspaper Saturday

The city of El Paso does not own a single snow plow or as of a year or so ago when I talked to someone in the street department about it, a truck with the snowplow option. The only snow/ice removal options they have are salt and/or chemicals.

I'm not surprised that TxDot has them though, they handle highways and interstates so they need to keep people moving across longer distances. As far as getting around in the city though, we'd be SOL if it ever really snowed or iced over.
apparently there was snow last week in LA. someone even managed to build a snowman.
Yeah, the LA weather system was supposed to be part of what hit us, but it apparently just bogged down and we got spared the big hit. It still ended up dumping a decent bit of snow on us today.


okay, 1, sorry it's been so long since i've been around, and 2. haha, about the weather, yeah we were supposed to get ice down here in Killeen but instead it was 60!! WHAT THE HECK!? :)