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typing monkey

Letter to the Editor...

Well my snow day is being cut short, I have to head out shortly and deliver some materials for a job we're trying to finish up tomorrow. Fun fun fun.

However, I just noticed that the El Paso Times published a letter to the editor that I sent in last week (it's the last one). I'm not thrilled with how they edited it (especially given that I had to fiddle with it in the first place to make it fit within their 200 word limit), but it still feels good to know they printed it. So far I'm two for two in having letters to the editor printed :-).

Since the link won't work forever, here is the letter as the Times printed it:

Agents wrong

Over the last several months, I've read quite a bit about former agents Compean and Ramos and something has always puzzled me.

If they were "doing their job" as so many people claim, shouldn't they have reported the shooting to their superiors?

They claim they shot Davila because he was a danger to them, but apparently he wasn't enough of a danger to bother reporting him and warning other agents or residents?

They knew there was a chance that he was on the run and injured (making him even more dangerous), and yet Compean and Ramos did nothing but collect their shell casings and pretend the whole thing never happened.

If they're telling the truth, then according to their own story, they put other law enforcement officers and the general public at risk by not warning them that there was an armed, dangerous, and possibly injured, drug smuggler on the loose somewhere in the area.

Does that really sound like they were "doing their job?"

Victor Morales

Central El Paso

Edit: Oh, and for folks not up on this little debacle. Here's some background:

One of many articles in favor of the Agents

and several releases from the:

U.S. Attorney, Western District of Texas

explaining the reasons why the agents were prosecuted (in particular the Myth Vs Reality (pdf) fact sheet is interesting).

Basically two border patrol agents who shot an (apparently) unarmed man in the back (note that other agents are saying that they never saw a gun) are now being heralded by some dingbats as "courageous heroes" who are being persecuted by the government for "doing their job"

Edit #2: For the record, I wrote my letter before reading any of the stuff from the US Attorney. Mostly I wrote it out of frustration at how many people seemed to be rallying besides these guys (largely because border patrol agents keep "them" (i.e. undesireables) out) regardless of what they might have done wrong. I don't like regular people who commit violent crimes, but I'm terrified of law enforcement people who commit violent crimes and then hide behind their badges.


I saw the letter in the paper this morning, and when I saw the name under it, I was wondering if it was yours.
Yup, that was me.

Now I'm curious to see if anyone replies to it directly (if you happen to see anyone who does please let me know, I read the Times online and I don't always see the opinions section)
I think more than likely, you'll get some response. As far as I know, your letter is the only one I've seen regarding the case actually not fighting tooth and nail for the "innocence" of the border agents. Every other letter is on the other side of the spectrum in the matter.