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Computer geekiness...

I was looking through old e-mails and I found this one that I sent to my sister outlining what I have or plan to have computer-wise in my humble lair.....


My main computer is named Moya. If you are curious about the name, check out www.scifi.com/farscape, its the name of the main ship on the show. From the same series, I picked the Laptop's name and that's Talyn (its Moya's child, long story, read the episode synopsis ;).

After that, my naming scheme gets a little weird. The names/functions are as follows:

moya - Main/most up-to-date PC

talyn - Main laptop

spike - machine that outputs sound and video to TV & Stereo in living room. It will also eventually be the main server for data like MP3s and digital movies etc... Its getting one.. or two of those 100Gb hard drives at some point.

sadomasochism - firewall/gateway, so named because of the ineherent pain it was to figure out how to set it up with little help from anyone... its surprisingly simple, but somewhat obscure. Oh, and the apparent desire for pain inherent in trying to set this up in the first place :)

sexmachine - Main Linux machine, once I get around to it, that will be where all the user accounts exist. Its a hold-over from MIT when I couldn't find an available hostname my sophmore year. After trying something like 10 hostnames and having them all already in use, I got annoyed and picked the title of a James Brown song from a CD sitting on my desk. It was a surprisingly popular name and most of my friends wanted user accounts on it while I was at MIT. It helped that it was
faster than the dialups and it was always on and useable.

I'm also going to put a few more machines on the network (better than just having them sit there) and I'm debating on the following names:

tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum: I have 2 identical Sun IPX machines that I've been wanting to bring online just for the sake of having some non PC machines running. So far that's the most amusing name of twins that I've come up with.

department-of-alchemy: This is the name of one of the MIT dialup servers. I always thought it was pretty cool, and I have a Sun Sparc 5 that is basically the same as the one that was originally called doa (it also has a cool abbreviation ;). Since the doa @ mit has been upgraded to something else quite different, I thought it would be amusing to appropriate the name for the Sparc5 on my LAN.

tetris || pac-man || frogger || etc...: I saw some systems that a few people have put together that basically involve a medium level PC built into a cabinet that looks like an arcade machine. There are some really cool eumlators out there so with a bit of programming work and some woodworking skills, you can set up a single cabinet with some custom controllers that can play just about all of the classic and many of the newer arcade games out there. One particularly cool example uses a
wireless network so that the owner can maintain the machine, update games etc... without having to actually open the cabinet and fiddle with the physical machine. I've been debating setting up a wireless network in the kitchen (mostly just so I know how to do it if/when I ever need to... hey, its a write-off ;).

insomnia: Since I have so many old computers lying around, I was thinking of putting one in my bedroom so that I could watch videos, check email etc... from bed (just call me uber-geek... or really really lazy geek ;).

cuisinart: I was thinking I might as well put one of my old laptops in the kitchen so I could keep recipes as html text (and also link to stuff like foodnetwork etc...). It would also be part of the deployment of the wireless LAN part of my home network. Its not a vital machine (hence it
isn't in place yet), but I was hoping to put up 2 permanent machines on wireless LAN to test for robustness etc... That also means that I have 9-10 machines that are wired, and 2-3 that aren't so its a good little mix.

crapper: Again since I have so many machines.... just kidding ;)

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