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Catching up...

It was a dark and stormy night

It was a bright and sunny day... well, it is a bright and sunny day and *gasp* I'm posting! Wow.

Errr strike that, it is now a dark and not-stormy night. I got sucked into work and various other things and I didn't actually finish this post in a timely manner.... well it might be timely if we call 12 hours timely.

Not sure what happened after my last "real" post, I really really meant to get back into posting and then I managed to really really not do it.


Let's try that again shall we?

Personally I think the big problem is that nothing really felt like it changed since the last post so it was hard to sit down and post about how things are almost exactly the same as the previous day etc...

However, now, a few things have changed...

Thing the oneth: I am learning to play golf. Yeah, golf. I seriously don't see myself ever being a hardcore "I have a Sunday morning t-time every week" kind of golfer, but pfjunkie dragged me out to the driving range last week and I had a really good time just learning to drive. In fact I had such a good time that I decided to go out and by a cheap beginner's set of golf clubs (which should be getting here tomorrow hopefully).

I'm almost reluctant to admit to starting to play golf since it seems like the vast majority of my friends are very definitely not-golfers and I'm certainly not the country club golf type myself, but it's an interesting game (I refuse to call it a sport). Actually, it feels a lot like 3D pool (which is one of my all time favorite passtimes).

It's also one of those things that you just kind of have to do if you want to do business with some folks. I know I've seen quite a few executives in construction (and lawyers and doctors) with golf clubs in the back of their cars/trucks and professionally those are the circles I'd like to be comfortable in. So we shall see how this goes.

Thing the B-th: I've started woking out, again. Well ok, 1 day isn't quite a trend, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to do it. I posted yesterday's details backdated so they'd be in the right place. Tonight's workout will come after I post and I'll try to keep posting that so I have all you guys keeping me on track :)

Thing the next: I've been doing major home improvement stuff. Photos will likely come this weekend when I finish some detail work, and I'll probably post plans for future stuff. I'm happy with the way things are working out with ye spooky olde house.

Thing the last: I'm tired of being the D.L.S.

More to come, work out now.

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