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*Insert witty on topic subject here*

Well, the last few days have seen me finally succumb to a bit of a cold (although I'm fighting it all the way) and this of course made me want to post again.

The last several months have been.... interesting to say the least and I wasn't entirely sure what to say about them. I'm actually still working on the meatier post, but I had a random question for my geeky friends out there.

Do/how do you post to LJ from a Treo? Thanks to Verizon's "New Every Two" program and a friend who works at their store I finally got around to upgrading to the new 755p for next to nothing (it's all about who you know). I'd been using an older model that susandennis had given me a while back, but it was on one of the secondary lines and while I did use it a fair bit, I didn't really try to make it do too much because I was reluctant to buy the broadband access. With this new phone, on my primary line, I'm forcing myself to really figure out how to use it and I picked up the broadband access (which is rather nice actually), but I'm not seeing any easy way to post to LJ (and after all if I have unlimited use, I should take it for all it's worth make judicious and careful use of it ;).

I can see a couple of possibilities, but nothing really nice and elegant so I thought I'd ask, do any of you technically inclined folks have any favorite solutions for this dilemma?

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