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not a complete loss...

Well, this weekend wasn't a complete loss. I managed to do some laundry, clean my house a bit, put out garbage for tomorrow's pickup, and I even found some parts for the Buick... oh, and for the record, I've decided to name the Buick Hazel.

I found an original owner's manual (NOS even) and a shop manual so working on Hazel should be significantly less mysterious now. I also picked up a couple of pieces of chrome that it was missing. It was a little depressing through since the 2 pieces of chrome cost about 1/10 of what Hazel cost me in the first place. Yikes!. Still though, in the grand scheme of things, these are parts that I couldn't really do without (on old Buicks, the headlight rings are fairly large and its really obvious if they're missing). Once I get those, Hazel will be about 99% complete (parts-wise). She'll officially be missing 4 things.

Sadly I still need to re-do her interior, repaint and re-chrome her. Eventually though, she'll look a lot like this: A '53 Buick

The main differences being that the picture above shows a chopped and lowered Buick, and I'm probably going to keep Hazel at her original height (chopping cars doesn't work so great when you are 6'3 :). Still though, it should give you a good idea of what Hazel will eventually look like :)

Ugh, its late and tomorrow, I have to go to work, so hasta manana folks.


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