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Corruption and dirty tricks in the El Paso Democratic Convention...

Well, my day was largely wasted at the democratic convention. I have some more pictures to post, but I'm just generally discouraged right now.

I just wrote a letter to the Obama election folks so hopefully they can take note and do something with this information. Unfortunately given the large scale corruption and dirty tricks being employed by the Hillary camp (which was firmly in control today) that might mean disqualifying the entire convention.

My name is Victor M****, and I was one of the Obama delegates for El Paso Precinct 68 at today's convention. I reported this incident to the Voter Protection Hotline, but I thought I'd mention it to you so you could see what was going on.

For some reason, after the March 4th caucus, our precinct reported 6 Obama delegates instead of the allotted 5. When we arrived at the convention this morning we were given pending cards and told to figure out who our 5 delegates would be. We did this and tried to find out how to report this or make it official but we were told to wait until after lunch. We waited until Mr Daniel Anchondo instructed ALL 370+ pending delegates and alternates (
ed note: They were from other precincts, pending for other reasons and both Hillary and Obama folks) to go up to the concourse to meet with the credentials committee to receive our credentials.

While we were up there Mr Anchondo choose to hold at least one vote WRT an objection despite knowing that most of the pending delegates and alternates were not on the convention floor.

What's worse, when we finally returned we discovered that our own precinct had gone ahead and voted for both of our delegates and both of our alternates while we were gone. They voted even before at least one of their own alternates had been promoted to delegate (and they knew this person was there because they knew they had enough delgates and alternates to make up the 20 delegates they were allocated). They claimed that they were told to "hurry up" the proceedings, but it seems clear that they hurried up so that they could vote before we returned. When we asked them why they had voted even though they knew we were coming back down once we had our credentials, they explained it away by saying "Well you couldn't have won anyways". While that's
debatable, we would have liked the opportunity to select the neighbor whom we felt best suited to be a delegate even if it wasn't going to be an Obama supporter. We earned those delegate positions and we lost the ability to vote because the precinct captain and the Clinton delegates present decided that it wasn't worth the trouble to wait for us.

When we expressed our dissatisfaction at being disenfranchised, they halfheartedly offered to go up and retrieve the delgate forms (which they had already submitted some time earlier), but it is unclear if they could have done so at that point since the convention was apparently moving on to the at-large delegate selection. What's worse, the precinct captain stopped and proceeded to start arguing with us and defending their actions instead of retrieving the forms so nothing was actually done. I and the other Obama delegates from Precinct 68 were extremely offended by the way we were treated at this convention. With the 20 to 5 distribution for our district and the 2 delegates and the 2 alternates we had already negotiated with the Clinton camp to send 2 Clinton delegates and to split the alternates 1 and 1 for Clinton and Obama. At that time they told us they weren't happy about that, but they had to accept it since that's the best they could do. When they realized that they could take both delegates AND both alternates they were quick to act and in the process they managed to rob us of our chance to participate in a convention we had spent 9 hours of our day at.

... (giving contact information and saying contact me if you have any other questions)

I hope reporting this to you can be of some benefit and I would like to know what if anything can or is done about this. Thank you very much for your time and help in this situation.


Victor M****
Precinct 68

The convention was... interesting to say the least. I found it curious how the Obama volunteers were focusing heavily on knowing the rules of the caucus and the Clinton folks were focused on the fact that they had the majority. Several Obama supporters voiced objections to multiple decisions from the heavily Clinton rules committee and all those objections were overruled, some of them while delegates weren't even seated yet.

After spending several hours listening to the local powers that be talk about unity and being proud to be a democrat, I was very disappointed to see that, in El Paso at least, the democratic party that was supporting Clinton seems to have been the dirty tricks party. I was also really disappointed to see how my own neighbors treated us as the minority. People who live fairly close by were being down right vicious and cold blooded. Heck, they were assholes about this over an alternate. Someone who probably wasn't going to get promoted to replace the Hillary supporters as delegates, but of course it's better to close us out entirely even if they have to resort to cheating to do it.

I don't know how others feel, but I wasn't feeling all that proud to be a democrat today. Not given how my fellow democrats acted. It was a disorganized mess and there was a definite might makes right attitude from the Clinton folks.

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