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tee vee

I love the world...

At first I was a bit disappointed to realize that Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (or apparently required) was playing in El Paso. This and the whole Clinton debacle from a few weeks ago really make me question why I live in this city (although to be fair not all of Texas or El Paso is that bad... not entirely at least).

However, I came across this on the Discovery Channel and it made me feel a bit less like smacking some sense into people. This is probably the best explanation for why I genuinely love being a geek, engineer, science-y type person. It also really made me want to go traveling a lot more ;)

Not that some people are less desperately in need of having a great big load of sense smacked, beaten or what have you into them, but it doesn't feel quite so pressing (and depressing) after watching this. I'd rant about why ID/creationism really annoys me (beyond just the purely scientific reasons), but I'm tired and I suspect I'd largely be preaching to the choir as it were ;)


Indeed! I went so far as putting it on my little portable music device (not sure what you call something that plays mp3s and videos and isn't an iPod). It still makes me smile when I watch it.