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tee vee

I love the world...

At first I was a bit disappointed to realize that Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (or apparently required) was playing in El Paso. This and the whole Clinton debacle from a few weeks ago really make me question why I live in this city (although to be fair not all of Texas or El Paso is that bad... not entirely at least).

However, I came across this on the Discovery Channel and it made me feel a bit less like smacking some sense into people. This is probably the best explanation for why I genuinely love being a geek, engineer, science-y type person. It also really made me want to go traveling a lot more ;)

Not that some people are less desperately in need of having a great big load of sense smacked, beaten or what have you into them, but it doesn't feel quite so pressing (and depressing) after watching this. I'd rant about why ID/creationism really annoys me (beyond just the purely scientific reasons), but I'm tired and I suspect I'd largely be preaching to the choir as it were ;)


Heh that first statement could be interpreted in multiple ways (all of which I approve of ;). I find myself watching a rather large amount of Discovery, TLC, history etc... I think the closest thing to "network" TV I watch is BBCA (how can you beat Top Gear, Dr Who, and Torchwood on one channel?)

It sucks you had to deal with the morons, although I wouldn't have minded watching you go medieval on them ;)