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I can see (fairly) clearly...

Well, despite the not-too-positive press about LASIK yesterday (seriously, did the powers that be have to time the release of those articles for immediately before I did it?), my surgery went off well.

It's been a little less than 24 hours and my vision is 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other. Apparently that's largely unheard of less than a day after the surgery (especially for someone with vision as bad as mine). I had a follow-up appointment this morning and the doctor was extremely positive about the results (in his words they were "absolutely perfect"). He actually called his assistant over to look at how my eyes were coming along and they both have high hopes for where I'll be in the next week or two.

I'm just looking forward to having my vision settle down a bit. Right now it's still healing so I have periods where I can't see quite as well and then things come back in even better focus, but my eyes aren't quite even (plus my brain is still trying to get used to them, imagine trying to get used to new glasses that keep changing slightly) so it's a little tiresome. Right now my vision is a tiny bit worse than it was with my glasses (they corrected me to something like 20/17 in both eyes).

On the plus side though, I'm having nearly zero side effects from the procedure. My vision is a little blurry/doubled but that's lessening rapidly and it's an expected result immediately after the surgery. I just hope it does finish going away. My night vision is as good as it was before, my eyes used to be fairly light sensitive and they seem to be less painfully sensitive to light now (an unexpected but quite welcome change), and my eyes aren't even particularly dry. They're already feeling pretty much back to normal discomfort wise and it's amusing to catch all the little idiosyncrasies I'd picked up from wearing glasses for 20 odd years.

I was used to looking over the glasses in order to see very small things up close and I caught myself looking over non-existent glasses. I tried to take my glasses off last night before bed. After I showered this morning I was briefly puzzled about why I couldn't find my glasses in their usual spot by the sink. I keep trying to push my glasses up or take them off to clean them. All told though, I'm enjoying this glass-less vision thing and given the doctor's reaction this morning, I'm kind of excited to see where my vision settles in the next couple of weeks. It looks like I might end up better than 20/20 :)

Now to go drop my eyes again (something I had never been able to do comfortably before, but which I now find myself doing easily... granted I've been having to do it every 2 hours or so for the last day so I'm getting plenty of practice).

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