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Well, I feel better about that whole democratic caucus debacle.

Obama picks up 26
El Paso delegates

Lo and behold, when people who are actually capable of reading
take a shot at figuring these things out, they come up with something
that looks a lot less retarded.

That being said, I'm still disgusted with how Mr. Danny Anchondo
handled this situation. It's really sad when the chairman of the local
democratic party knowingly resorts to dirty tricks to help his
candidate win against fellow democrats. Apparently, Mr Anchondo feels that the ends justify the means regardless of what that does to the very principles of democracy and fairness.

While I feel better about the system as a whole now, I don't think that I'll feel like participating or supporting the El Paso Democratic Party so long as he remains involved as chairman or in any other position of authority. While the outcome at the state level is a
positive development, this entire primary season has been very a very sad time for El Paso democrats. After what I saw at the convention and the shenanigans that went on during and after, I'm really disappointed with a lot of so-called El Paso democrats.



Well, if all the honest people are scared off by the dirty tricks, the only people left running the show will be the unscrupulous assholes.

I like the idea of people like you showing up to keep them honest.