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I promise I'm going to stop with the dreary posts, but this article just really bothers me.

Town struggles with fallout from immigrant's fatal beating

I think one of the things that most bugs me about it is that their lawyers are saying things like "You would be proud to have any of these kids in your classroom, and any of them as your children"

No, fuck you, I would not be proud to have them as anything near me. They beat a man to death in public on a city street. They saw someone they didn't like and they were on him like a pack of wild dogs and they beat him so badly that "they left a clotted, bruised impression of Jesus Christ on the skin of his chest from the religious medal he wore"

I don't care that they might have been straight A students or "great kids" and I don't care what they might become in the future, right now, at this moment, they are people capable of taking a human life by beating it out of his body with their fists and feet. Perhaps they're too cowardly to do it by themselves, but not only are they vicious and violent individuals, but they're stupid enough to do it in front of multiple witnesses which IMO just tells you how messed up they are.

What's worse, instead of trying to argue it wasn't them or that they somehow snapped and went crazy or something, they're trying to dig up dirt on the guy they beat to death. Why does it matter what his relationship was with the girl he was walking home? Why does it matter whether he was an illegal immigrant or not? Does that warrant being beat to death by a group of racist assholes?

It's rare that I would say it, but if these kids did beat that guy to death (and if they don't even try to mount an "I didn't do it defense", i.e. if they acknowledge they did it and try to defend themselves by pretending there was any possible excuse as to why it was ok) then I hope they live very very long lives, and I hope they live them locked away in very small cells surrounded by people who are just as brutal and cowardly as they are.

I think what I find most abhorrent isn't the violence (which is pretty horrific), but the fact that they're not aberrations. They're not deranged sociopaths, they ARE part of the community and that really makes me wonder what the other members of that community (and others just like it throughout the world) are capable of. I doubt that all of them are that bad, but you have to wonder how many aren't more like to them than they'd like to admit (especially given that a nearby town did pass "a law to fine landlords and employers who dealt with illegal immigrants").

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