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Now for some warm milk :-/

Bah. Do you want to know when I just lost it and fell asleep tonight, a Friday night? 6:00 PM. I even had an invite to go to J-town and hit the clubs there and passing out in my nice comfy bed seemed infinitely more pleasant. If not for the fact that I've had to put in a fair bit of field time this week I'd feel well and truly pathetic. FYI, field time translates to running around dealing with stuff at the jobsite(s) and can involve anything from talking to the client to digging ditches. Pretty much if it needs doing I either do it or tell a worker to do it, but right now we're a couple of workers low so my dad and I get to pick up all the slack and still deal with our stuff.

Joy. Pure and utter joy.

So - yeah, that's my excuse for why I was exhausted at 6pm. I woke up around 9:30 and considered going to watch a movie, but I found The Frighteners on cable and decided some nice homemade quesadillas and an amusing ghost story would be more fun. Tomorrow's plans involve remodeling Zhaan's doghouse and improving it's foundation (yes, my dog's house has a foundation, get over it ;), maybe going to watch A Beautiful Mind after that. I was supposed to go watch it with P, but I'm a little irked at her right now so I'm tempted to just go see it on my own. I should also be meeting up with annamarie958 and her roommate. Should be fun. They're actually the ones who suggested going to clubs in Juarez, but I wasn't quite up for it. It's sad but once you get past 21 the whole appeal of border crossing in order to drink and party just disappears.

*yawn* I'm sleepy again/still? WTF?!?!?!? aaargh. I'm in the middle of a good Buffy conversation with strange and I'm getting tired? This isn't fair. What ever happened to the good old days when I would stay up for days at a time? bleh.... sleepy time in a bit I guess... grumble grumble.

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