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So, I got it into my head to start finding my way around Flickr and (more importantly) trying to get a feel for photography again[1]. Not just random snapshots, but actual photos that I enjoy looking at.

To that end I decided to do my own version of Project 365. I'm not entirely sure what the normal rules are, but I'm basically making myself take at least a picture a day of something, anything. I have some ideas of things I definitely want to go shoot but I'm also just making myself look for something to shoot on a daily basis. Some have been (IMO) pretty cool (like this one), others have been.... less so. I'm at day 44 and I thought I'd actually share (I really do need to start consistently posting cool/happy/personal things again).

I'd like to think that this qualifies as all 3.

[1] - Actually some of the impetus came when I found myself with 4 good cameras and I realized that if I didn't make an effort I'd end up rarely using them. For those of you keeping score at home, I currently use:

Canon Poweshot SD 800is - I got this one through one of those weird confluence of events type moments. I had an SD550 that had died last year. During my folk's 50th wedding party someone (who will not be named) broke my SD950 and since I had to send that in for servicing I sent in the 550. Turns out, Canon would sell me a refurbished 800is for about $5 more than it would cost to fix the 550. Not a hard decision given how well used the 550 had been. As an added bonus, I had just been reading about some camera hacking and scripting software that hadn't been ported to the 950, but was available for the 800 (this definitely makes up for it having somewhat lesser specs)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 - This was my first attempt at replacing the 550. It's a great camera, but it's too bulky for a lot of situations. I love being able to carry my camera in a pocket and use it to take random shots of nifty things. That FZ50 is a wee bit big for that. Aside from that though, I really do think it does a good job of being almost like a standard SLR. I've been very happy with some of the shots I've taken with it.

Panasonic Lumix LX-2 - Since I was happy with the Panasonic, I did some reasearch and I heard great things about this one. It's awesome (it's effectively the same camera as a Leica), it has some great manual controls, good zoom, and it takes very cool widescreen (16:9) photos. Unfortunately the flash has be be manually engaged, the lens actually protrudes from the body a fair bit, and it uses a lens cap. Nothing horrible, but some things that bugged me (when possible I carry my camera in either my cargo pockets or my back pocket, the lens tended to make that not so comfortable). It's a great camera, but it's not so wonderful for quick snapshots or candid pictures and while I like taking "real" photos, I didn't want to give up the ability to get spur of the moment shots when they were available.

Canon Poweshot SD 950is - The LX-2 had some flash issues around December. I sent it in for warranty service (which was handled extremely well) and since the holidays were coming up I picked this up so I wouldn't be small camera-less. Some highlights include image stabalization, more megapixels, and I just really like the Canon Elph form factor. Another great camera that served me well until someone (not me) dropped it. In it went to get serviced and I was impressed that canon didn't charge me anything to repair it. Canon definitely earned some brownie points there. This is the camera that I carry with me in my backpack 85% of the time

This may seem excessive, but since I decided to make myself do the photo thing every day I'm finding that a) I'm getting much more comfortable using them, b) I'm finding that they all have quantifiable strengths and weaknesses and c) I'm enjoying the chance to use them for different types of shooting. I actually experienced some of this when I went to SF last year. I only had the FZ50 and LX-2, but they BOTH came in very handy at different times and I got to enjoy being able to get better shots by using one or the other. Of course rediscovering my love of photography has made me start to seriously ponder picking up an actual digital SLR (be afraid ;-).

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