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bad news

The Double Talk Express...

McCain is speaking in Las Cruces tomorrow and he flew into El Paso this afternoon. I just happened to be driving back from the gym when I saw his motorcade and I managed to get a decent shot of the Good Ol' Double Talk Express.

I have to say, for all the security they give him, I was really amazed that I could just randomly end up that close to him. At the closest point, I was maybe 25 feet away and there wasn't anything between the bus and Betty. I doubt I could get anywhere near that close if I (for some strange reason lost my mind and) went to one of his town halls.

PLUS I didn't have to deal with a groping by the secret service (I'm all for a good groping, but not from random guys in cheap suits).

Anyways, that was my main excitement for the day. I am now, officially one year older. I went to lunch with my folks and some of my siblings, went to work, went to the gym and I bought myself a video game (Ridge Racer VII). Not the most exciting of days, but I do have to be up for work tomorrow so I couldn't really go out and party.


happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy birrrthdaaay to victoooor,
happy birthday to you!
Awwww, THANKS! :-D

Edited at 2008-08-20 06:31 pm (UTC)
this project 365 of yours is pretty cool!
Thanks! It's a challenge to do it every day. I'm not quite doing it right since I think your usually supposed to take pictures of yourself, but that would be boring and depressing. I'm much happier with my approach.
He didn't wish you a Happy Birthday? What a bastard ;P.

Hippo Birdy!
Heh, birthday (or birdy) wishes or not I'd still think he's a bastard :-p

Thanks for yours though, they mean much more to me than his would have :-)
happy birthday!
Dude. That sucker drove by my house ... it was either yesterday, or the day before. It had no escorts, so I assumed he wasn't actually on it at the time.
I imagine he has multiple suckers (this one was waiting for him here when he landed), but I'm fairly certain he was in this one. They shut down the entire westbound side of the interstate for him and he easily had a couple of dozen+ police vehicles and quite a few unmarked SUVs with guys in cheap suits and funny earpieces.

Happy Birthday!

I was surprised when I saw this photo that the 'ol express looked a little lonely...I would figure more security as well.
I've also been reading the El Paso times online quite a bit so I knew this was scheduled. It's pretty cool that you got to actually see it on the road though, because you're right, that's probably the closest you'll ever get.

From what I could tell, it looked like they had a bunch of motorcycle cops up front to block the on ramps (like in a funeral procession.... how fitting) a few vehicles in front, and a huge line of vans following behind the actual bus and then a ton of police vehicles blocking all the lanes of the Interstate.

The security was... odd. It kind of felt like the TSA was handling his security detail (i.e. entirely overdoing some parts while leaving glaring holes).

Heh most importantly, I have no desire to get any closer to him. I thought about it last night, I really don't know how I could talk to someone like McCain or Bush because I'd feel morally obligated to try and find out exactly WTF they're thinking about... well.. everything. How can McCain be ok with what we're doing in G'tmo after what he experienced, how/why did he change from '04, how can he really think that any of his policies make any sort of sense... how can he moralize the way he does after leaving his wife for the "other" woman, etc...