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The Weekend Update...

Well let's see what sort of mischief have I been up to this weekend?

Saturday - I did nothing. Well during the day at least. I'm getting kind of fed up with myself on the weekends. Why is it that I can only be really productive from like 5pm-midnight/1/2am? Well that's assuming that I'm going actually be productive which doesn't happen as often as it should.

Oh, and news flash....


It was interesting for the first few weeks as I discovered that 89% of the shit that I had trouble with was directly linked to it. It was a relief knowing that I did indeed having some funky wiring in my head and that it was ok. That was like 9 months ago and I'm fed-up. Why the hell can't I just be normal and happy and do things and live 9 to 5? I don't want to do the meds thing because I've just had really bad experiences with drugs/medicine, but damn it I'm just at wits end.

Ok, /rant....

Anyways, I finally met annamarie958. I met her and her roommate Lisa and we went to eat at the Japanese Kitchen Saturday night. JK is one of those neat restaurants where you sit around a big table with a grill in the middle and the chef does all sorts of neat knife work and flipping things here and there etc... while he cooks your food. It's hugely entertaining, and the food is just amazing. I really really like that place.

So we had dinner and we were going to hang out a bit at my place, but the girls were tired so they called it quits early. They were planning on doing a whirlwind photo thing Sunday morning before they headed back up north. Hopefully I'll get to hang out with them more in the future. They were both a lot of fun and great company(once we all got over the sudden attacks of shyness).

After that I went home and hung out a bit before missing pfjunkie's call. His answering service said that he was most likely at VI, so I drove myself out there for once and crashed his reading evening. It was a fun night at VI. We got to talk to the two ___resa's there (Laresa amd Maresa (sp?)). We had suspected that Maresa didn't really care for either me or us (after I had a little pyro incident there a few weeks ago), but she was fairly cool with us that night and she gave me a promising lead on a local tattoo place and artist (Renee at Flesh Tones).

Sunday - I got up and did a little bit of stuff that needed doing but nowhere near as much as I should have. Blah. Went to lunch with the parental units and my sister T. It was nice. We ate at The Cracker Barrel. The food was ok, not something I'd go out of my way for, but it was ok as a place to check out once in a while. I dunno, I'm probably just more into interesting food (Chinese, sushi, etc...) than into "country cooking". Still though sometimes my family is really good company. This afternoon was one of those times. Despite how much I may whine about wanting to go back to Boston as soon as practical, I do value the times I get to spend with family here. I mean it's not going to last forever so...

Anyways, after the late lunch, I came home and crashed for a while. I got up and realized that I'd missed the first showing of Sex & the City but thanks to the wonders of digital cable I just had to wait until 10 to catch the west coast showing. Groovy. I really like that show. It's funny, but even though the show is directed at women, I've found that it has the most believable male and female characters around. Eh, I'm not in the mood to rant about that just now. I also went grocery/toy shopping before the show and I got some supplies and I found some neat toys. Nothing to exciting. I came home watched the show, then made dinner and watched part of Blown Away (blah, I miss Boston).

I let Zhaan in for a while and proceeded to work on her domestication skills. She's got a ways to go, but she's pretty good for the most part (after about 20 minutes once she stops bouncing around the house). Currently she's asleep on my feet curled up into a fairly large ball o' fur and doggy goodness. No matter how moody I get I just can't stay grumpy when I have a bog happy lab who's overjoyed to see me and play fetch inside the house.

Now, I just need to deal with kitty litter (trash pick-up is in the morning) and get ready for bed. So - yeah, that was my weekend.


I thought you were from Texas... you're in Denver?
I am from Texas. Jenny was here scoping out NMSU in Las Cruces and some job leads in El Paso (the far far west tip of Tx).


Ah, I see! :)
Although I've been thinking that I want to visit out that ways at some point. From what Jenny and others have said it seems like a nice place (to visit at least).

Heh, maybe I'll drag myself up there someday and stay at the Mansion :).


I could get you hooked up with a deal! :)


Hey Lesa,

So I was reading my friends list earlier this week and it occurred to me that I hadn't seen any posts from you lately. I figured you were busy or something but then I noticed that I had fallen off your friends list. Just thought I'd check and see what's up. Hopefully I haven't annoyed or bored you too badly recently.

Anyways, just thought I'd check.

Re: Friends?

I did a whole bunch of cuts a couple of weeks ago and cut all the people who have stopped talking to me.

If you'd like to be back on my friends list, I'll add you back. You didn't annoy me or anything...

Re: Friends?

I would in fact like to be back on your friends list, and I'm glad I didn't annoy you :)

Sorry if I didn't talk to you much lately. I hit a patch there when I wasn't posting anywhere near as much as I used to and hardly commenting on anyone's entries. Not for lack of interest, just for lack of anything useful to say (and sometimes I feel weird chiming in with "me too" or something along those lines)
- "5pm-midnight/1/2am"

I've always attributed it to the slowing of metabolism. I tend to think much more clearly in the evening, especially as the evening wears. I remember watching some reality program or another that dictated the reasoning, but my memory will not extend so far in reverse with utter detail - years ago.

ADD.. I thought I had that. I have never been checked, examined, or however you want to put it.

- "I've just had really bad experiences with drugs/medicine"

As a child I took Riddlin to counteract what they thought were seizures, ADD, or something - if some expert suggests it, don't take it I swear. It zombifies the mind.

- Slob