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the soap box

Bah, I think I'm about fed up with politics at this point. Even the Consumerist got into it this morning and I ended up writing the following rant in response to their post about what Obama was promising consumers and the ensuing "Obama sucks, he's a socialist, nobama, etc.... comments from the peanut gallery.


Well, let me put it this way. I can't think of a single positive thing McCain has said during this entire election. I was talking to my folks about this last night and what I hear from Obama is

"All of us need to be involved in fixing this mess we're in, here is what I want to try and do"

and all I hear from McCain is

"Obama is too inexperienced, he can't do it. Vote for me and I'll do thi... umm... I was a POW"

So many people seem to be hell bent on attacking Obama and yet I don't hear anything about what McCain genuinely expects to do to make things better. All that comes out is BS about how terrible Obama's ideas are and crap designed to scare us. Morons who play the "OMG, Hussein, is he related to Saddam? Oh Noes!" card, idiots who parrot the "hollow suit" line, folks who talk about how he doesn't have experience but then give McCain a pass on all the things he's done while acquiring his "experience." Come on, he gets credit for being in congress for so many years but it's ok that he cheated on his wife and left her when he traded up to Cindy because that was so long ago? He was involved in some shady financial shenanigans years ago, but it's been so long ago that it's ok? Oh and he was a POW. Experience goes both ways. Obama hasn't even been alive long enough to do some of the crap McCain did, and yet that experience makes McCain better?

End of the day, I want to know why I should vote for the adulterous bitter old man instead of the guy who's at least appealing to our collective better natures. Why do I want to vote for the guy who trades in fear and doubt about what the other guy CAN'T do instead of the guy who's trying to win by talking about what we CAN do.


can you believe that the election is so close now? i've been ignoring it till just recently, and i'm very happy with obama. don't let them get you down.
Heh, I wish it was over... Heck I wish it was Feb 1st :-p

I really like Obama, but this election is just bringing out a lot of ugliness in people (racism, sexism, etc...) and it's bothering me more than any previous election (I miss the good old days when Gore and Bush seemed equally unappealing)

I really need to spend less time online I think. I should try drowning my general annoyance at stupid Americans (of all political affiliations) in high definition video games and movies :-p