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Ok, now I'm really tired of this election (seriously, wake me up when early voting starts), but I have one question.

Do any of you find his selection of Palin to be a rather offensive example of pandering? Seriously, I'm actually offended (for the entire country) that he picked her out of all the other options (male and female) out there. I mean, a former beauty queen with less experience than Obama? To me it seems like he has effectively redefined pandering forevermore. Now, when you look it up in a dictionary, it'll show this as The Example.

So, does anyone else think this is a pretty offensive gesture (particularly women and those who supported Hillary)?

Poll #1250265 Palin-drone

How do you feel about McCain's selection of Palin?

It's offensive and pandering
It's just dumb
It's a really good move
Wow, she has ovaries, now I'm voting for McCain!

Please feel free to post comments, I'm really really curious to know what folks think.
Tags: politics

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