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Ok, now I'm really tired of this election (seriously, wake me up when early voting starts), but I have one question.

Do any of you find his selection of Palin to be a rather offensive example of pandering? Seriously, I'm actually offended (for the entire country) that he picked her out of all the other options (male and female) out there. I mean, a former beauty queen with less experience than Obama? To me it seems like he has effectively redefined pandering forevermore. Now, when you look it up in a dictionary, it'll show this as The Example.

So, does anyone else think this is a pretty offensive gesture (particularly women and those who supported Hillary)?

Poll #1250265 Palin-drone

How do you feel about McCain's selection of Palin?

It's offensive and pandering
It's just dumb
It's a really good move
Wow, she has ovaries, now I'm voting for McCain!

Please feel free to post comments, I'm really really curious to know what folks think.


My very first thought when I heard the news was that this is just what Obama needs to win. I had been worried about him, actually. But, no more. On paper right now, she's a loser but given a little campaign mileage and I believe she will become a train wreck. I'm surprised her husband let her be selected, frankly.
Yeah, I really don't see this ending well for her or their campaign, but I'm shocked they actually tried this.

I mean really, all Obama needs to do is play up how he picked the person he felt contributed the most to the ticket, have Hillary sing the praises of Biden (especially in foreign policy, implicitly acknowledging that she doesn't have the same credentials) and let McCain do what? This move effectively kills the "experience" argument because as soon as that gets played again, the opposition points out that McCain is not a spring chicken and there's a distinct possibility that she could be called on to be CinC and what's left?

All that aside, given how that cards seem to stack up, the fact that they did it makes me think that they are callously assuming that they can hold on to their base AND woo enough of Hillary's people over with a staunch pro-life, pro-creationist, NRA-loving woman who is about as far on the opposite end of the political spectrum as you can get.
I know they think she covers all their bases, but if I was a Republican woman, I would be insulted that this is the best representation they would find.

The rumor mill is that Kay Bailey Hutchison was the first pick, but she turned him down. So I guess we're getting second best.
See, KBH would have been a solid choice and would not come off as just pandering. She has some serious political chops and they could make a definite case for "experience" (I still loathe McCain, but I can appreciate the angles they'd try to work). Given how McCain has used Clinton in his ads I'd say any woman he picked would come off as pandering a little but I doubt he could have picked a more obvious example. I seriously doubt she was as high as second choice.

Palin's big problem is that she looks like she was picked blatantly to pander to disaffected Clinton voters while actively being worse than McCain on issues like abortion, etc... so I seriously wonder how that's going to play out once the shock wears off ("Hey, McCain picked a woman, right on! Wait, he picked that woman? WTF?")
I hate KBH with a passion, but I would have thought she was a reasonable pick. It would not have come off as her being picked for having a vagina, but rather as her being picked for being the sort of crazy fundy neocon that one expects, who also is very well known as a legislator, and very well-known in general in politics.
I'm a little late on this entry, so by now we know even more, but seriously? I can't believe he thinks Americans are that stupid, and women even more for that matter! To think that IF 72 year old McCain was elected and something were to happen to him, Palin would be the new leader of the free world? Just plain scary.
I think this little plan to gain a portion of the 18 million votes will backfire, as it should.

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