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eat drums!!

2 days down...

Well, I survived my caffeine free weekend with minimal problems. I had some twinges today, but I medicated those away. I'm thinking I should be fine by tomorrow evening or Tuesday at the latest (regardless, this will be less painful than having to search for caffeine during my trip).

DirecTV kept me waiting all day to get the HD stuff hooked up. It was raining in the morning so the installers were running late and when they finally showed up at 1:30 it still took them another 3.5 hours. I spent most of the day puttering around. I had hoped to head into the office, but by 5 I just wasn't in the mood.

The HD is very cool. Not Earth shattering by any stretch, but definitely cool and I can really see the difference. Now just to start watching shows in high def, that should be fun :-D.

Hmmmm... I think that's all for now. Hope everyone is having a relaxed and fun labor day weekend.


i fricking HATE HD
*haha* seriously
i do not need to be able to see every line on an actor's face, or every flaw in a set

with HD i notice eeeeverything, and i hate it
gfive me good old fuzzy normal TV any day!
Heh, I'm still undecided on it. I hear it's great for sports (not that I watch much of those) and I've seen a few movies and tv shows which really look awesome with it.

Blu Ray is nice because I'm a movie junkie and they can do some cool special feature stuff with it.

On my TV is makes a nice difference. Good old fuzzy TV was pretty painful to watch (especially switching from disks to satellite).