Dragon -V- (dragonvpm) wrote,
Dragon -V-

Oh, the hypocrisy, it burns!

So, my brother's boyfriend (a communications professor) insisted on watching/listening to the Republican National Convention while I was over there last night. I think all three of us struggled with the instinctive urge to kick the radio or TV repeatedly throughout the evening, but after leaving, I couldn't quite get over the insane hypocrisy from from the Rethugs.

Then I saw this on BB this morning:

No, the world is not all better, but knowing other people see this insanity and will call them on it helps. Now so long as the people who are happy to drink the Republican Kool-Aid stay home on election day.

(oh, and since the comedy central feed is geo-locked, here it is on youtube for those who can stomach the comments)

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