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Fuck Fuck Fuck

I wrote a couple of entries to whine about my oh-so-thrilling day, but LJ was been an obnoxious little trollop today. So, here's the short and very cranky version.

1) My local WB/UPN affiliate has officially changed formats to a Spanish Network. Fuck. Still trying to figure out what options will be available for dealing with this.

2) Moya's motherboard is frelled. It's not dead and I can still manage to force her to boot up, but I'm hugely disappointed with this particular Tyan Mo-bo. Until now I had been a fairly loyal customer, but I think I'll be looking around a bit more at other companies when I shop for parts for the new Moya. Given how non-cooperative this setup is, I'll probably have to move on the new PC sooner than I'd hoped to. Fuck.

3) LJ is being annoying and not letting me whine and rant about stuff that is truly important and vital to national security or something. Fuck.

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