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evil me


I got a couple of last minute tickets to the rodeo this afternoon so, in a spur of the moment thing, I wandered out there to check out the corporate skybox at the stadium and the rodeo since I'd never been.

It was interesting, but definitely a leeeeetle bit of a culture shock. It was actually cool to watch the goings on from up there, but next time I need to take my higher zoom camera so I can get better shots of all the action. I'll put photos up soon, It's just been a hectic week and the next couple of days promise to continue being hectic.

Anways, hope folks had a good hump day.

I'm about ready to turn into a pumpkin now.



Heh, I was wondering who would be reading my post at such an unpleasant hour :-p

So why are rodeos creepy? I'll totally admit to not quite "getting" them but I kind of grew up around the cowboy crowd (my high school had one of the top FFA groups in the country when I was there) and that helped to make me a bit wary of it. It was like a clique made up of ren faire folk who didn't quite realize they were ren faire folk (and historically I don't do well with cliques, certainly not the ones who take themselves too seriously).

It was still a fascinating way to spend a couple of hours and some of those folks definitely have some impressive skills. I definitely felt out of place though.

Edited at 2008-09-18 12:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I can see that. I got to see barrel riding yesterday and that was cool, but I just don't quite get the whole cowboy mystique thing as it applies for rodeos and such.

Of course I've always been an odd duck.

I can see what some people find appealing about the rodeo :-p