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Meme Take 1

Meme Take 1
Originally uploaded by dragonvpm
I tried doing that take a picture meme, but it's been a busy morning and I really don't like taking my picture so this was the best I managed (but you get 2 photos for the price of 1 meme ;).

Meme Rules:

Take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

The rules said to not change anything, they didn't say I couldn't try half a dozen (or so) shots to get something acceptable ;)


you look like a totally new person w/o your glasses! let me know if you're ever in the NE. i need to update the mental image i have of you w/ your raised eyebrow.
Glasses-shmasses that's nothing compared to me having to update my mental image of you an Alok as parents :-p

I'll definitely give you a heads up when I'm in town. I'm planning on going to the reunion thingy next year, but who knows if I'll end up that away any earlier.
ha, touché! the biggest change to alok is his job. now he wears dress shirts w/ slacks on a *daily* basis.
lol, that just goes to prove (in my mind at least) that I made the right career move doing what I do. People here usually wear polo shirts and jeans although I've seen my boss wear shorts to work in the summer.