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wallace machine

Damn eBay snipers...

I really really hate those people. I can respect losing an auction to someone who wants it more than I do, but to just have it cost me more is annoying. I think it's the whole seeing the auction price go up as it's bumped up in annoying increments. I wish they'd disallow price increased due to sniping in the last 5 minutes if the sniping doesn't actually win the auction.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm sick (and by extension cranky)?

Anyways, the bright side, I did win the stupid auction.

Now what would you do with 150+ of these (and other assorted bits and pieces):

I know what I'm planning on doing :-D


I'm working on a steampunk-ish project... well I think it may be steampunk, but I'm still planning it out so I'm not 100% sure what it's going to want to be when I'm done with it. I may have overdone it a leeeetle bit with the watch parts though. I just couldn't pass up that auction, there are just so many neat bits and pieces in there. It was actually amusing. The guy who sniped this auction also sniped one from me earlier this week for a lot less pieces and he ended up paying just a little less than I did for this auction. I totally felt like thanking him for sniping the previous auction.

Just looking at that stuff makes me kinda giddy. It's been way too long since I got those creative juices flowing. I told my sister I was doing some artistic/crafty type stuff and she looked at me somewhat skeptically (her definition of crafty and mine are probably a bit different). Then again, I suspect there will be some welding and power tools involved before I'm done so it's not entirely out of character ;)
You should definitely chart your progress, if that doesn't bother you from an artistic standpoint. It sounds interesting, and I think there are a few of us that would like to see the progression of your project. (speaking from someone who does not have an artistic bone in her body). If you want.
That's the plan actually.

I was going to do it for instructables. I'm just waiting for parts now.

I actually like photographing my work as it progresses. I don't always remember to do it at discrete intervals, but when I look back at my photos over the years, I always find lots of shots of the projects I was undertaking.