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wallace machine

Damn eBay snipers...

I really really hate those people. I can respect losing an auction to someone who wants it more than I do, but to just have it cost me more is annoying. I think it's the whole seeing the auction price go up as it's bumped up in annoying increments. I wish they'd disallow price increased due to sniping in the last 5 minutes if the sniping doesn't actually win the auction.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm sick (and by extension cranky)?

Anyways, the bright side, I did win the stupid auction.

Now what would you do with 150+ of these (and other assorted bits and pieces):

I know what I'm planning on doing :-D


I was brought into the Genre by a... well, it seemed really awesome at the time–comic by the same name back in high school. It fit my love of anachronism and adventure lark.The recent surge of interest brought a lot of people who only like the fashion, but I'm okay with that because it brought the people who like it so much more deeply together, too. And if we can all play nice, good things might happen :)

But really? _Steampunk_, looking back, was not as good as I remember it XD
For me it was always about the machines. How people put things together and remixed technology to meet their needs in various situations.

That's one reason I love movies like Army of Darkness, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (heh, you say you want steamPUNK? ;), etc... they just have such a cool way of doing things we normally wouldn't imagine with old and new technology and that often becomes a significant element of the story.