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wallace machine

Damn eBay snipers...

I really really hate those people. I can respect losing an auction to someone who wants it more than I do, but to just have it cost me more is annoying. I think it's the whole seeing the auction price go up as it's bumped up in annoying increments. I wish they'd disallow price increased due to sniping in the last 5 minutes if the sniping doesn't actually win the auction.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm sick (and by extension cranky)?

Anyways, the bright side, I did win the stupid auction.

Now what would you do with 150+ of these (and other assorted bits and pieces):

I know what I'm planning on doing :-D


For me it was always about the machines. How people put things together and remixed technology to meet their needs in various situations.

That's one reason I love movies like Army of Darkness, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (heh, you say you want steamPUNK? ;), etc... they just have such a cool way of doing things we normally wouldn't imagine with old and new technology and that often becomes a significant element of the story.