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wallace machine

Damn eBay snipers...

I really really hate those people. I can respect losing an auction to someone who wants it more than I do, but to just have it cost me more is annoying. I think it's the whole seeing the auction price go up as it's bumped up in annoying increments. I wish they'd disallow price increased due to sniping in the last 5 minutes if the sniping doesn't actually win the auction.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm sick (and by extension cranky)?

Anyways, the bright side, I did win the stupid auction.

Now what would you do with 150+ of these (and other assorted bits and pieces):

I know what I'm planning on doing :-D


Thanks for the vote of confidence. Seeing all the stuff people have entered makes me a little worried, but I like my ideas anyways. Now I just have to actually manage to build what I had in mind. Although I figured out some LED stuff recently so that should actually help :).

BTW, the bazillionty bits of old watches arrived yesterday. Unfortunately I have to pick them up from the post office this afternoon, but hopefully I'll be able to show you some photos of all the loot so if you see something you really like, I can send it your way.

I hope med school isn't beating on you too badly :)
So...what did you end up making? Is it posted? I haven't been watching instructables much lately.