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Are we really that germaphibic nowadays?


those are all over the place now. mostly I figure my immune system damn well better be robust enough to deal with shopping cart handles.
And people wonder why so many allergies are popping up all over the place - for those of us who are already adults, our immune systems are going crazy trying to find the bugs. But boy do I feel sorry for the little ones growing up without a thoroughly trained immune system - I'll feel really guilty when they're making me rich in about 20 years. . .
Yeah, I grew up on a pseudo-farm around all sorts of critters (both the ones we kept and the ones that came with the ones we kept) and my folks were pretty much of the opinion that I could get as dirty as I wanted to so long as I wasn't wearing school clothes and I had to hose off before coming into the house. I seem to recall quite a few episodes were I was pretty much rolling around in mud having a grand old time growing up.

The net result being that today my immune system can take just about anything and I will always be grateful to my folks for that.

I'm really curious to know what's going to happen a few years from know when the medical establishment really gets the fact that you can actually be too antiseptic and end up unhealthy.
Yeah, that's pretty much my take on it.

It's really a mixed bag of nuts here. I am a pretty clean person, and since I've contracted food poisoning twice in my life (from other sources-not myself) I have a meticulous kitchen. I wash my hands constantly during food preparation.

But, on the other hand, I think I am resilient when it comes "germs." I have a good strong immune system, I think mostly because I grew up before the war on germs began, much like yourself. (So, thank goodness for that) But I can't help but wonder if all the sanitizing, disinfecting and antiseptic stuff we promote is also not to blame for all the poor kids coming down with all sorts of rampant food allergies. Food allergies so strange and severe to the likes that I've never heard before.
My understanding was that food poisoning was most often a problem with process control during cooking (e.g. handling raw meat then touching the veggies that sort of thing).

Still though, I'm pretty picky when I'm cooking and I'll often wash my hands multiple times just to be on the safe side, but that's mostly just supposed to get stuff off my hands not kill it completely like disinfectants do. I read somewhere that a good thorough hand washing without soap even can get rid of a really high percentage of germs that might be on your hands. Add some soap and you're pretty much set w/o having to create superbugs like you do with disinfectants.

Heh, the food allergy reminds me of a Chris Rock joke, about how we're so spoiled we even have allergies to food, you don't see that in Africa. There isn't anyone in Africa saying they have an allergy to food etc...

(he probably has a point)
I can only speak for the seattle area, but it's hard to find a grocery store without those... and hand sanitizer on the walls. My body no longer knows how to resist germs on it's own, it's ridiculous.

I'll have to remember that if I ever visit Seattle again. I'll probably run into some bad ass superbug that just laughs at your disinfectants ;)
Some buffets have hand sanitizer on the counters as well. The Furr's that I frequent has several bottles in bendy caddies with hands and legs.

I can almost see it a little more at a restaurant, but still what's wrong with people washing their hands before they eat?

Well ok, we are in a desert, it's probably a lesser of 2 evils situation here.
those wipes are the reason you're sick now--creating the supergerm through antibacterial everything.
Well, I'm doing better today so I'm going to chalk it up to my immune system being stronger than average because it's gotten so much of a work out over the years ;)

I definitely agree about the superbugs though. If you overdo the disinfectants the only possible outcome is you end up with bugs that are tolerant or even immune to them and that's usually a Very Bad Thing.