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Flea Market Finds & Other Random Stuff

I went to the flea market with my sister this morning.

I came home with quite a few very nifty finds (an Intstructograph Model 500, an old Milwaukee drill, a Kodak Pony camera, and a few other assorted bits and pieces. I need to go there again and take some photos of the chaos that is a random flea market in El Paso. It's definitely an interesting experience.

I also had quite the comedy of errors trying meet up with my other sister and my folks for a late lunch which turned into an early dinner. It took 4 tries to get to the right restaurant and I discovered that my sister and I have very different non-complimentary ways of giving and taking directions. I still had a good time though and my sister gave me her old, possibly dread Treo for parts for one of my projects.

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