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Barely getting my post on tonight.

I'm almost feeling human again. System fluid levels are evening out and my hacking cough has slowed significantly. Basically I should be fine by this weekend ;).

My dad informed me that he finally took down my old "tree-house"

It wasn't so much a tree-house as much as a nice and well-built little room on top of posts (with my sandbox underneath, the sandbox had actually turned into a storage shed for my dad a few years back), and when it was built there were bunches of trees around it so it was sort of a tree-house (it was certainly a great place to hang out and play in the summers). Now most of the trees are gone and as of Monday so is the tree-house.

It was odd to realize that I didn't tell my folks about my cold this week. I almost never bothered to mention colds and the like when I lived in Cambridge, but here, it was hard for them not to notice when we worked together. It's nothing huge, just a weird realization that it didn't even cross my mind to mention that I was sick.

Anyways, time for bed.

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