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don't think

Blink, blink, what's that strange glowing thing in the sky?

You know, it still doesn't cease to amaze me that I'm at work before the sun comes up every day.

Seriously, every morning, I'm caught off guard seeing the sunrise coming through my windows.

Of course the upside being that I always miss rush hour, oh, and I think the fact I'm here so early helped earn me a small raise. It wasn't anything huge, but every little bit helps and it was nice to get it as of my most recent paycheck (retroactive to end of August).

Now just to work on the next raise and hopefully a promotion before long.


You are absolutely insane. There, I've said my peace. I used to be a morning person, but too many years of working graveyard shifts turned my body clock upside down.

But, good for you, I'm glad you got the raise. Nowadays, every little bit helps. That's awesome!
LOL, I'm not so much a morning person as much as I'm a "whatever time of the day I find most convenient to deal with the fewest number of random people" person.

I invariably annoy people because my body clock is about as easy to set as your average alarm clock (the ex really hated me for that in Hawaii). Give me a day or so and I can more or less adjust to any time differences I've ever had to deal with whether that means night shifting, day shifting, or shift a bunch of hours one way or another.
nice! didn't you just start this job? or maybe time is just slower here.
I had a 6 month review in August (well my boss reviewed my work, I still haven't heard or seen anything about it, my paycheck just got a little bit bigger). It's hard to believe this is already my 8 month now. Time flies!

Edited at 2008-10-02 02:04 pm (UTC)