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The Graveyard Book

For any Neil Gaiman fans (or anyone who would like to become one) who don't subscribe to the LJ feed of his blog (officialgaiman),

He's reading every chapter of his latest book during the book tour and those readings are going up here (between now and 10/09): http://www.mousecircus.com/videotour.aspx

Personally I love hearing him read his stuff and talk about his projects (his commentary on the Neverwhere miniseries DVDs is one of my favorites) so I thought I'd share and I'm damn near giddy at the prospect of starting to read the book myself this evening :-D


Nice! Thank you.
Heh, you're welcome, I hope you like it.

I'm enjoying the book so far, and I think I will definitely be picking up the unabridged CD for it as well (I bought the one for Neverwhere and I was quite happy with it).
Yeah, I'm rather liking hearing Neil read the chapters of the book. He definitely brings the story to life.
Yeah, he's great at it. He's not just a great writer, he's the quintessential storyteller.