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Whoa, scary...

What the hell?

My niece was almost kidnapped.

I apparently got an email from my sister-in-law about this on Wednesday, but Google mistakenly marked it as spam (I only found it because I went looking for it after reading the article). I'm not sure what the non-public details are yet, but I'm having dinner with my sister (who apparently received the full briefing) so I should know what happened later tonight.

Important thing being that my niece is safe and sound and she got away unharmed. Very surreal thing to randomly come across in the paper though.

*Update* This may take some time to fully suss out. The main stuff is in the article, but now it looks like I need to wait a bit and see what ends up being said and what if anything comes of this in the short and long term. The important thing is that by all appearances my niece fared just fine and she was able to go back to school today. I'll post updates as I get more information.

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