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what's opera doc?

Ah, the opera...

At the beginning of this piece, the MC points out that it's not all about divas and pretty dresses, and benndragon had this to say about it:

"Gay Men's Chorus singing about how love of women keeps a man going while hot half-naked guys hit an anvil appropriately (and a tad naughtily, albeit still SFW)."

Personally I really like this particular musical piece and it seemed like an amusing thing to put up before the sun is up on a random Monday morning... and I suspect a significant portion of my friends list will actually appreciate a little operatic beefcake :-p.


Hehe, I'll need to do some new wandering within youtube now that I know of these two videos :)
they do a kick-ass cellblock tango too, apparently!
Very true (I just looked it up). These guys are great! :-D