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space walk

Piratized Asus Eee 1000h

Piratized Asus Eee 1000h
Originally uploaded by dragonvpm
I actually didn't mean to turn my Eee into a pirate flag, that sort of just happened, but it amuses me and I like the way it came out. The skull & crossbones are actually chrome metal so they match the case perfectly and they're courtesy of Pep Boys, a store that seems to specialize in tacky chrome things for your car... (or laptop).

I was also curious to see if flickr would accurately determine what I used to take the picture (it did).

Oh, and for anyone keeping score at home, I'm still working on my project 365, I just managed to spread the photos out over multiple cards from multiple cameras so now I need to sit down and sift through them all so I can make some sense of them when they're uploaded .

Fun times.


yay tacky chrome things! It continues to amuse me that of the many deorations I have on syren72, the one that seems to get the most overall compliments are the little chrome cobra-head door-lock knobs I bought at Kragen. I mean, I like them and all, but I spent literally hours painting and applying the rest of the stuff, wheras those were a ~$5 impulse purchase and 5 minutes spent screwing them on...
Heh, very true. It often surprises me how the cheapest/easiest mods are the ones that people really sit up and take note of. On Molly it was always the barefoot gas pedal which I have so far resisted putting on Betty ;).
sweet. I just got my mom one of these. sans pirate skill and bones. mom just doesn't roll that way. but yours is super cool.

Heh, how does your mom like her eee?

I think this amuses me so much because it was a total accident. I pretty much went "Ooooh shiny metal crossbones!" and got it home wondering what to do with it, then one thing led to another and voila.

It was cheap, it doesn't look generic, but it also doesn't look like it's been assaulted by the sticker fairy ;)
she picked it out after much research on a good lappy to take while traveling in europe. we mucked about with it a tad, but basically it will be atrail by fire as she will be gone a month with the eee as her primary communication device.

I'd rather she'd chosen the linux version, but she insisted on the windows install.
Well, fwiw, I bought mine with an eye on the exact thing (being able to travel) and the little bit I've done so far has made me think it's perfect for light/general use when you don't want to lug a monster laptop around.

Compared to my work laptop or my old personal one, it's so much lighter and smaller and yet the smaller screen size isn't really an issue for general use. I doubt that I'd want that as my only computer at home, but on the road it's great. I actually went with the windows version because I knew I could load Linux on it myself. As much as I loathe windows, there are certainly times when it's convenient to have around so now I have the best of both worlds...

Of course now I hear that someone got Mac OS X running on one of these too.... ;-)
I miss my Eee badly... Hey, you're totally not watching the eeepc_us community.

That a 900?
I didn't even know that community existed. I am now :)

Actually it's a 1000h w/ a 320gb hard drive (the original one now lives in a usb enclosure) and 2gb of RAM (if you know anyone who could use a 1gb stick of ram from an eee let me know). I seriously considered getting a 900, but my hands are big and I read enough comments from folks complaining about the 900 being a wee bit too small.

Still though, I just got a new messenger bag and this puppy fits inside the smallest of the zippered compartments :)