Dragon -V- (dragonvpm) wrote,
Dragon -V-

Piratized Asus Eee 1000h

Piratized Asus Eee 1000h
Originally uploaded by dragonvpm
I actually didn't mean to turn my Eee into a pirate flag, that sort of just happened, but it amuses me and I like the way it came out. The skull & crossbones are actually chrome metal so they match the case perfectly and they're courtesy of Pep Boys, a store that seems to specialize in tacky chrome things for your car... (or laptop).

I was also curious to see if flickr would accurately determine what I used to take the picture (it did).

Oh, and for anyone keeping score at home, I'm still working on my project 365, I just managed to spread the photos out over multiple cards from multiple cameras so now I need to sit down and sift through them all so I can make some sense of them when they're uploaded .

Fun times.

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