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stupid stupid

Good grief

From Yahoo News:

Which of these two would YOU rather see running the country?

Come on John, on National TV?

Apparently McCain forgot (oh noes! I'm attacking him about his age!) which way he was supposed to go off stage and he pulled that face as he realized it.

I kind of feel sorry for the old guy (but I still hope Obama kicks his ass in the election).

Update: But wait, there's more!

I think I can skip the color commentary on that one...


yeah, i saw that whole extended slapstick act of mccain's at the end of the debate, and i just thought, "he is too much of a goof." i mean, you have to uphold some sense of presidential presence--i've hung out with a lot of bronze statues, so i should know. ;)

Heh, I hope one day we can look back on that performance and laugh at how he just fell apart then and lost the election. Iirc, didn't Nixon lose to JFK for much that reason a long time ago? JFK looked like a president and Nixon was sweaty and looked shifty (bad make-up etc...) and that apparently swung enough people away from him that he lost.

Please please please let history repeat itself ;)

Please please please let history repeat itself ;)

There's a leetle part of later history with JFK though that I'd really rather NOT see repeat itself...
Well to be fair, I'd also prefer that part of it with Nixon wouldn't repeat either (i.e. running again and winning).
I saw this on a gossip site this morning with the tagline "WAAAASSSUUUUPPPP"
It gets funnier each time I see it.
Heh, definitely. I sooooo hope he pulls a Nixon thanks to this debate :)
Apparently no one had told him about it. In that context it's kind of a "They what!" look.

Heheheh couldn't have happened to a nicer republican presidential nominee ;)