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TV ramblings...

I'm waiting a bit before heading out to deal with work stuff so I thought I'd ramble a bit about TV.

So, pfjunkie posted this about El Paso's possible UPN stopgap. That's very cool, but it kind of get's to my ultimate annoyance.

When I called up Time Warner to complain on Monday, I mentioned that I don't want to watch Spanish channels so I would be willing to give up thos 10 channels in order to get ONE network that I do want to watch. The girl I was talking to replied "Well, this is El Paso" I sputtered out something like yes, in the USA, not Mexico, but that's not quite it.

I completely understand that people who are primarily Spanish speaking would like more options in what to watch. That's fine. What I don't like is the implication that all of El Paso wants yet another Spanish channel showing more or less the same shows. I am getting less and less patient with being pigeonholed into the "hispanic male 20-25" category that seems to indicate that I want Spanish TV, and more sports coverage etc... I don't. Just because I am fluent in Spanish doesn't mean I want to watch TV shows in it. We're talking entertainment here. Just something I can go home and relax with. To hear the station folks talk about it, this is a great advance for El Paso's culture.

If you look at how Time Warner handled this you get the impression that they didn't really care much about what was going on. I find it interesting that within 1 week they are close to negotiating something that could put UPN shows back on. The couldn't be bothered to deal with this sometime in the previous two months between the purchase and the change over? I'm glad that they may get the UPN shows back on. KKWB was the only local network that I bothered watching because it was the only one showing things that I actively enjoyed. It was the only network that didn't have the sit-com / news show split on prime time. I'm really disappointed with Time Warner on the whole though. If they had gotten their act together last week, then I would have been bummed that kkwb was gone, but happy when I called up and they said "look on channel X for UPN shows for the rest of the season" Even if it turned out that this couldn't be maintained next season, I would feel like they had a clue what people here want. Obviously they don't, and right now they are just scrambling to not lose customers.


You hit the nail on the head w/ the last paragraph...I'm sure the fact that they did nothing over those 2 months was the biggest reason for the complaints they received. What's funny is that this comes on the tails of yet another cable (and RR) price hike... This may have also been a factor in their quick response to avoid losing customers hehe..

FYI I checked and apparently Dish Network does provide a SuperStation feed of the Boston UPN affiliate. I'm not sure exactly how that's supposed to work, but they also have a $9.99/month for 12 deal for new subscribers.... Clearly stuff like that would also make Time Warner a little wary.