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Stood up

Wow, I got stood up last night.

That hadn't happened in a while. We were going to go to a corn maze because it seemed like something interesting to do, but so much for those plans. I ended up (finally) watching Sweeny Todd and hearing nothing about a change in plans etc...


That had better be the end of the no good perfectly awful week. If I hear another peep from it or any week like it, I am going to start breaking things.

On the plus side, I spent yesterday morning putting music back on my iPhone and while the iTunes interface is a PIA, the iPhone itself works very well. I'm still very bitter about having some POS steal my other one, but I'm doing better. I fought w/ AT&T and they grudgingly let me get another one for the same price (well technically they sold it to me at retail and they're giving me a $200 credit, but whatever, close enough).

I may talk to the powers that be about getting some sort of reimbursement for the stolen phone. If nothing else, at least they've agreed to put some locking storage in my office. It sucks that it comes down to that, but hell if I'm letting some asshole steal any more of my stuff.

Now I'm off to the gym to burn off some grumpy/bitchy energy before settling in to the office for a few hours of work so that I'm not behind come tomorrow morning.


Oh, and for people who care, I finally gave in and got on twitter: http://twitter.com/dragonvpm

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